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Amerigas Stroudsburg PA I have a prepay acct $900.00 worth, this was to be 1st delivery called on 12/17/09 tank @35% was told they would be out following week

Called on 12/23 still no delivery was told they are down 5 drivers due to medical leave delivery slow they deliver on Saturdays also

Called on 12/28 tank @5% or a little below was told they would contact driver and have him deliver before end of day--delivery didn't happen, could not cook or heat basement, tank empty, had to put electric heaters to keep pipes from freezing

Called on 12/29 of course still not able to cook meals, was told again they would deliver by end of day was also told by someone who has been there 5 years that they have seven (7) business days within which to deliver..but it still didn't happen within seven (7) business days

Called on 12/30 a.m. told them I wanted to cancel acct come pick up tank and refund money was told there was a $92.00 cancellation fee and they would waive same because delivery was not made and they would make arrangements to pick up tank and then refund balance of my money within 3-4 weeks after tank pick up

Called on 12/31 to get date for pick up of tank was told they didn't have manpower to do same and would pick up tank in spring - but yet if a new customer I'm sure they would install within seven business days

Prebuy agreement has basically you will never get your money back meanwhile are consumers suppose to tolerate rudeness lack of delivery service in a timely manner excuses for lack of delivery not able to cook or heat

Are they deliberately trying to make you pay for emergency services that aren't necessary when they are given proper notice

They want us to hold up our end but as a consumer I feel they have neglected their end and refunds need to be made

I had asked to speak to a manager several times one time I was told there was no reason to speak to a manager unless I wanted to continue service..the other time it was snowing on 12/31 and was told the manager drives 1 to 1 1/2 hrs away and might not make it in I left message for manager to call me and Nina whom I spoke to a few times no return call has come

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Manager.

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Amerigas prices are a rip-off...100% more than most suppliers in the region. I bought my tank out from them and have saved thousands of dollars over just 2 years


We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help.

At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located.

Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.


If these are actual situations and not made up, why don't you just call Amerigas customer care at the national center. If these problems are happening to you The people at the # 1-800-427-4968 (the number on your bills and the website) option 0 mon-fri 8am-9pm est can speak with manager and if needed market mgr.

If you had done this you would definitely had been taken care of.

Btw if an office back east told you they weren't able to pick up tanks until spring it was probably due to heavy snow and SEVERELY busy delivery season.

Bulk trucks went out whenever they could and the service techs were frequently trying to get 100# tanks to tide people over that were in locations that the big trucks couldn't get to. Especially being end of December in blizzard time...


John Leeman,

Why do you exaggerate and lie to make Amerigas look bad?

Deliveries are 1-7 days, not 7-10 days. And that's calendar days, not business days.

You're told to call at 30%, not 20%. That last 10% would've held you over until you got a delivery.

Any order costs $200 for guaranteed next day delivery whether you're out of gas or not. The $95 leak check fee is included in the $200 price.

If you'd done what you were supposed to do and had actually listened to the details, you'd know what was going on. You're mad at Amerigas because of your own failure to plan ahead.


Ordered propane on Jan. 23 (at 20%). Told the usual: 7-10 days for delivery. I was reminded this was business days.

Well,yesterday was "business" day 9. Today is Saturday (day 10 if they actually worked weekends, but it's actually day 12 in real days).

Ran out this morning. Was told the charge would be $200 for emergency delivery plus 95 for leak test. Told them to take a flying leap. I'll wait until Monday, burn wood, and throw their sorry butts off the property the minute I line up a new supplier.

No sympathy, no flexibility, no condolences for my inconvenience. Nothing . . . but a tough-luck attitude.


Conclusion: Bob Snyder enjoys *** in his dumper.


Conclusion: It worked. They don't like to hear from the Department of Labor and Industry. Tanks picked up, 2/2/10.


Follow up - In Pa, the Department of Labor and Industry controls this. Contact them.

I spoke to my local inspector and he said they have 10 days, from date of notification to remove the tanks from your property. He had me email him all the information and said he would definitely follow up to make sure they were picked up. After contacting Amerigas, I asked Joanne how they were making out scheduling my tank pick up. Again, she mentioned springtime, but at the least they had 30 days.

I told her, not according to the Department of Labor and Industry, that 10 days from date of notification, she then put me to the manager, Curt Arnes. He seemed very concerned if I had sent the email to the inspector and questioned when I sent it. I told him it was already sent. I told him he had until 2/4/10 to remove the tanks, as this was the end of the 10 days.

He assured me he would take care of it. We'll see.


I'm currently going through the same nonsense. Penn Fuel was great.

I was with them since 1984. I received a delivery 1-22-10, $4.909 a gallon. I called other places $1.99 to $2.85 was the range. I spoke to Joanne in Stroudsburg and was told if I paid a $69 "lock in" they could cut the bill to $2.81.

I told them I refused to pay and wanted to terminate service. Received the same "We don't pick up tanks until spring" line. I am in the process of having another company come in and moving there tanks to the roadside of my property. My new provider has told me there is something about a requirement that they must pick up no later than 12 days after service is terminated.

I will respond once I know more. I have lodged a complaint with the PA Attorney General, but maybe everyone should, since this price gouging and unethical practice that Amerigas does is widespread.


They are scoundrals allright. I posted a complaint here today.

I am afraid to cancel service for fear they will come pick up my full tank and not refund my money! :( :upset


there is no excuse for that happen, im sure someone during the week was in your area


Rcvd a return call from manager @ local Amerigas - he asked if by chance we could salvage this situation - I told him no and that tank was waiting to be picked up - another company had already installed their tank.

I was told by manager that he was planning on having the tank picked up within the next couple of weeks and I would be refunded my full monies.

The manager seems to be aware of the poor customer service of his staff.

Let's see where this goes now.

I forgot to mention in my 1st pissed @ Amerigas ran out of propane called @35% rude....I had previously been a customer of Penn Fuel for ten years and never had to call and NEVER ran out. Service was great with Penn Fuel - of course Amerigas bought them out last spring - what a loss.


Called at 50% for plenty of time to deliver. Was told past three days it would be delivered.

No down to below 20% and no call back. *** poor customer higher than any other companie out there..

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