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Last fall I responded to an Amerigas propane ad for a promotion. I thought I was ordering propane but instead the tech came out December 7th and said he had to do a gas inspection before he could deliver the gas. His inspection indicated we had a leak and therefore, he said could not sell us any propane until we had the leak repaired. Our tank wasn't empty and we had never smelled gas nor had the tank gauge ever given any indication of a leak. We closed our house for the winter but left the hot water heater on as we always have.

We contacted Quality Heating from Grangeville,ID, who had done our gas piping and told them of our problem and that we needed the leak fixed. They came out May 26th and after a complete and thorough inspection with digital gauges found that there wasn't any leak.

June 1st I contacted Sharon, the Amerigas manager in Lewiston, and related the situation to her. She insisted that there had been a leak and refused any liability regarding the bill to Quality Heating.

I called Sharon again June 13, 2011 to get her last name and address so I could properly address my letter to her. She refused to give either but directed me to her attorney in PA. She also refused to give me her attorney's address so I attempted to call her. I got a phone message that she would not be back in the office until June 25th and was not taking phone messages.

June 13th I called the Amerigas national customer service line and related the problem. The representative, Ella, said she would get the letter I hand delivered to the Amerigas site and also contact Walt the marketing man, Sharon's boss, and would get back to me. She wouldn't tell me either Sharon's or Walt's last name. She said that was their policy. I was under the impression that she would be calling me back right away.

After a few days with no reply I again called and talked to Ella and she said that she or Michelle would for sure call me back that day. She had given the problem back to the local office who was supposed to have contacted me. (Fat chance!)

Walt called about 3 hours later. Unfortunately I was out but my wife took the call. He told her that he had heard I was taking this to Small Claims so it was out of his hands but that I would be receiving a letter from "ECC". I again called Ella and she said that I would be hearing from Michelle in legal.

I did receive a letter from Michelle in legal basically stating that it was not their error and therefore, would not reimburse me for the gas check.

This is not a big money matter and if I had been treated politely and considerately I would not have made an issue of it. Amerigas could have easily done that and even agreed to pay part of the bill in the interest of customer relations but that's not the way they do things. This is not a company you want to deal with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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Happens a lot in this business. The industry

uses very sensative equipment to test for leaks, and rarely makes mistakes on leak tests.

I personally have met with HVAC and Plumbing Contractors to actually point out leaks that they could not find.

Oh! I am not an Amerigas employee.

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