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I moved and had my tank at 70% my account had credit 456 dollars still they free willingly took off 150. Dollars for a renters fee of the tank that I guess they charge yearly I wasn't told about this ever that I recall so ok that left me at 3 something hundred dollars she said they would come out pinch the line and I would get reimburse for whatever was in there's at the rate in which I paid for it do I get 199.00 check I'd assume that was just what was left in the tank what about my 357 dollars left on my account as well voice recording says they are open on Saturdays and I have been calling and guess what it's getting the closed greeting this is bull *** I want my money that I paid them and is still on my accnt b 4 they keep charging me for all these little fees I never knew about nor agreed into paying my husband works hard for our money

Monetary Loss: $600.

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