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I move into a new home and I call Amerigas out to check the tank, they stated that my renew lease is $88.00 annual I sent the check and they cash it. Service tech stated leakage was in the wall

or slab had a plumbing company to recheck I decide not to remodel my home to fix the leakage, so the tank outlets were sealed.

I request Amerigas to remove their tank and since I did not get to use the gas to refund my money.

The underground tank is located less the 4 feet from my home which is against the building code. They have not remove the tank nor refund my money, each time they schedule they cancel the appointment it is 7 weeks and the manager will not return call, the front office personnel keeping giving excuses why they have not been out and that they took my fee and applied to the owners of the home before me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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If it were me I would keep the tank have it tested and moved, but that is the least of your problems. As a twenty year veteran of the propane industry I would get a second opinion on the leak due to fact If Amerigas installed the system they are obviously incompetent, as you stated the tank is to close, also the regulator from the picture appears to be a integral two stage regulator which is not recommended for this application and I have no doubt you have other problems with this installation.

As Amerigas seems to have abandoned the tank on your property I would claim it have the corrections made and find another company to deal with. If Amerigas has a problem with that let them know they are responsible for the poor condition of your propane system as they are the last company to service it. better yet Make them repair the damage caused by their incompetents then switch companies.

These people have been allowed to get away with to much already make them pay this time. Also File a complaint with what ever consumer protection organization is available in your state, and whatever propane regulatory agency is available to you.

@Real propane man

From the picture you posted,if the tank is over 120 GALLONS ,not pounds,then by NATIONAL code,it needs to be 10 feet away from the building,5 feet from an opening into the building,because it is an ASME tank,and it also needs to be 10 feet away from a source of ignition,such as an outdoor a/c unit,generator or a direct vent appliance or forced air inlet. The regulator in the picture is also not install correctly,as the vent is facing up.

Also it is illegal to use a gas hose to hook up to a fixed piping system,which is what your house has.

call the state fire marshall's office and report this as it is an illegal installation,and absolutely against NATIONAL and possibly local gas codes. NOT TO MENTION,IT IS UNSAFE!

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