Washington, District Of Columbia
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I have been with this company for 23 years and i have firplace logs so iam a second class if weather is real bad your out they have told me in the years we have major customers that will come first but i pay highprice for thier gas 3.89 because i dont use enough so my gas tank was leaking over the winter didnt realiaze it but i used almost 5 tanks they found the leak but then i useually use 3 tanks i had 1000.00 credit but by this end of this year i owed 500.00 oh they gave me a credit of 18.00 i was done oh dont forget paying 119.00 to be on mounthly payments so i found i new gas company told them to come pick up thier tank the amerigas man was rude and said you have to pay 150.00 to take the gas out thst i already was charged sum up they are crooks and treat small user like *** .

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