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We've been a customer for 7 1/2 years. We heat only our downstairs with propane. We use to always get our fuel delivered within 4 days. In 2012 they decided they should have up to 10 days to 2 weeks. Today we ran out of fuel, we're cold, it's in the 20's at night and it's been 7 days since we paid for our order. Likewise, a few months ago when we ordered a full tank, it was 2 weeks before they delivered it. We had to pay them an extra $100 because the tank was so low. If we could have switched to another dealer we would have years ago! I don't understand how you can keep someone's money for 1 week or more before you give them what they paid for. We just called the emergency number because it's Saturday and they want an extra $450 to bring us the fuel today that we paid for 7 days ago. We don't have it so we have to wait days in the cold until they bring in whenever that will be! This is not right!

They also price gouge. I've called twice in the same day to get price per gallon and been given a price almost .75 a gallon different. One person looked at one price for us and another told us the normal price. That's when I knew they were cheating customers.

If there was anyway to switch from them to another company, we would have done it years ago! I tried and was told we couldn't here in Virginia.

I'm going to try to check with the state and see if it's possible.

Run don't walk from this company!

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Market rate prices for propane can and do often change daily, or even within the day, just like gasoline at the pump. Just because you receive 2 different prices in one day doesn't mean it's price gouging.

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