i spoke with a very rude amerigas representitive, who informed me that propane for my cook stove would be more expesive than that used for say heating a home. when asked why, she proceeded to explain that the propane used for a cook stove was a higher quality, and therefore the cost of the fuel would be higher.

when i tried to explain to her that propane was propane, and there is no diff., she got very hostile with me. this particular sales store (weldon, nc) continues to try to pull the wool over customers eyes that there is a difference of prices due to a diff. of quality of propane, and evidently this seems to be working for them. they also will try their best not to quote you a price, but rather have a "sales person" get back with you in a couple of days.

i called other gas companies, who were happy to quote their prices right off the bat. what is the problem with amerigas...i'll tell you, bad salesman ship and quality.

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