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Update by user May 29, 2012

Received a phone call from Amerigas, Lakeport. Although Mr. D gave me that he had an oral confirmation from the driver that service was done, that Amerigas shows no gas leakage on their side of the debate, that there is a ticket generated based on history and even if I call and change my service as a \"will call\" I may not get service even if I call (which is what I did last summer).

I have forward my complaint to customerservice@amerigas to see what their response would be. As I stated in my current letter, if I have proof that the service was done that would be one of the items in question since Amerigas fails to leave notice of service provided at the time of service and there is no way to confirm that service is done. I\'m really having a hard time paying for service that has not been requested and there is no proof or notification of service. This does not sit well with my pocket book.

I see that Amerigas has posted on this site to contact them before posting any complaints. Sorry that it was necessary to have to post a complaint. It only proves that we aren\'t alone in some of these situations. Any by posting, we gather more info from one another which can help in the long run.

Original review posted by user Apr 16, 2012

Most current transaction. Last summer requested Amerigas (Lake County, Ca) to fill tank of my vacation home (getting low). Was told they could not come out until my scheduled date.

Scheduled dated was October 5, 2011. Filled tank $960.00.

No one living in this home, visited possibly twice over a weekend. No cooking, no washing clothes etc.

Now I receive another bill for another 92.4 gallons at a cost of $387.00. I didn't ask for anyone to fill the full tank. Where did they put the propane and why. No receipt left at home. Was it really my house they filled the tank, again how and why if I couldn't get them out there last summer?

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Oh Yeah autofil is their game they want you on autofil, that way they have constant cash flow , and they will fil ya everytime their truck is in your area weather you need it or not . Not only do ya pay exorbitant prices for the gas but you also get hit with the hazmat fee , 2 tanks ?

2 hazmat fees! The company we are with now, told us that they love amerigas , cause they are getting all theur new accounts from them.

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