Jasper, Alabama
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I am a NEW Customer, when they came out & put me a Tank in & 100 gallons of Propane it was $155.00 & I Specif-ally asked was that all I owed, because I live on $731.00 a month, that was fine, well a week later I got a Bill for $97.00 I called your company to find out HOW.. Well they explained it to me AFTER THE FACT, before your Company put it in, I have called the Jasper, Alabama office & told them I did NOT, have NO way of paying it..

Well it Started out at $97.00 Now it is $163.64, That is MORE than I Paid when they Brought the Tank & Gas Out, a $163.64 may not sound like much to AmeriGas, but it is for me. They should have told me up Front you have "Hidden" Cost.. I am sorry but if I don't have it then you don't have it, It's hard to pay, Light's, Water, Gas, & Buy Medicine, All I am saying, Your Company AmeriGas should be UP Front, I lived in Birmingham, Al. & Drove about 40 miles one way before my Home there Burned in Birmingham, to get Propane..

Just had a Sister order 100 gallon from y'all today $155.00 & Now they talking about going with someone else, My 81 year old Daddy just had to pull a Permit in Jefferson,County, Alabama so they could get a Tank from Y'all & He said He was NOT going with y'all since you did His Daughter like this, Now my Gas Service has been Suspended.. I just can't BELIEVE y'all are doing a Single 57 year old Lady on SSI, like that... It's just NOT right.. I have Buried 2 very Close Family Member's in 3 week's..

I can NOT believe y'all "DON'T" have a "HEART"! I can't even afford a Christmas Tree.. WHAT A "FANTASTIC" BUSINESS YOU HAVE..

Merry Christ mas.. I WISH I could say the same..

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Amerigas Pros: Delivery person.

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