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2 weeks before Christmas Amerigas required a $500 deposit to turn on our heat. We recieved our first bill postmarked on Jan.19 and due on the 19th,I was upset because it said failure to pay would result in a late fee.

So I called the company and was told I had untill Jan.28th to pay the bill before a late charge was added.I forgot to pay the bill by then anyways...on Feb.3rd I woke up to a notice on my door stating we had been shut off for non-payment. Our bill was $133!!!!! And only 5 days late! I payed them their rediculous fee to turn it back on and paid my bill.

I thought there were laws to protect us from our heat being shut off but apparantly AmeriGas can treat us *** b/c they are not governed by the same Ma laws as let;s say MassElectric.

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We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help.

At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at customerfirstfran@amerigas.com so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located.

Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.


You people need to take responsibility for your oun actions or lack of action. Pay your bill!

Stop being an ***! JAR1953, you may be the biggest *** of all!


Maybe you should take responsibility to request in writing what their policy is and be responsible in keeping an eye on your fuel level so you don't run out! When you call in for gas you do not go to the top of the list, you get put in line with others that have called for gas. If want carefree heat, go fully electric!


and yes...my bill from Dec to Jan was ONLY $133 :p


hey...why dont u get ur info correct next time ***! amerigas REQUIRES a $500 deposit to turn it ON, i just moved into my house in Dec...and u have never been 5 days past a bill? get real, this is real life bucko


You had to pay $500 to get your heat turned Back On. This means you failed to pay your bill and it was turned off.

The $500 was half of what you owed and payment arrangements were made to pay the remaining balance. This was December 11TH (two weakes before Christmas). Late fees apply the first of the month, not the 28th.

Disconnects start at 60 days and usually will not happen untill 90 days late or later, wich you must have been to get your gas turned off in December. Tell the whole story next time!


WOW! jar1953 You just won!

You have the biggest line of *** I have have heard yet on this site! Repost your comments when you are sober!


Wait, you DIDN'T pay your bill and now you're upset they disconnected you!?!? Who's fault is that?

YOURS!! ***.


I can tell you that they are not very good people also.I have a disagreement with this company.  To make a long story short, for 5 years I have consistently had poor service with price gouging from this company.  I have NEVER made an agreement with them to service me.  I acquired them by a buy out of my company.  They have consistently told me that it would cost me $200.00 to come get the tank that I rented from the previous company for $30.00/yr, with the agreement that the total service of the tank was their responsibility.  They have consistently told me I was stuck with them because by accepting their gas the first time, I accepted their rules even though no one told me they bought my company out until the first bill arrived, which was too late.  They have consistently told me over the last 5 years that they would service this tank regarding leak checks and painting and they have never done so except for the day the whole tank leaked out in 24 hours after filling it.  The last time I requested service was fall 09.  My recent complaint about them is that I was in NYC with a sick aunt for most of November.  I lived alone in this house and only used this tank for showers.  The tank went dry while I was gone.  When I returned I was told:

-It would cost me $200.00 to come get the tank and discontinue their services once again even tho it was empty.

-If I wanted the tank filled, that was fine they would do it.  It would cost me a $200.00 delivery fee to fill it within the next 24 hours; otherwise it might be up to a week before I would have warm water.  I told them that if I had $200.00, I would hire them to come get the tank.  They delivered this gas in less then 24 hours without me paying that person $200.00

-They told me that they would check the tank for leaks two times in two different conversations by two different people and not one time did they disclose that I had to pay $92.00 to maintain that it was leak free for what I thought I paid them $30.00/yr to do.

-When I was signing receipt of the gas, I noticed the $92.00 fee and I asked him why and he told me not to bother him with my problem.  I paid what I asked for (about $368.00 for the gas recieved) within the allowed time and I wrote them online regarding the fee.  I never get an explanation as to why they charged me $92.00 online or by snail mail nor did they ever disclose the fee in my bill. That was in December.  Tonight I come home and they had shut me off.  The $92.00 is now $152.00 because for every 15 days I didn't pay them, they charged me $30.00. It is also a $110.00 for reconnection.   When I said that I would have paid the $200.00 to take the tank away had they disclosed all these fees to me, they said "Oh we wouldn't have charged you $200.00 to take the tank away because you have been a customer for over 3 years"  SO!!!! for the last 2 years that I have been requesting them to take their tank each time they anger me and ESPECIALLY on this day in November when this tank was empty, I could have gotten the tank removed for ZERO and would have been done with them.  Now it will cost me $142.00 to pay the late fees, and then $110.00 to get my tank reconnected, plus the fee to drain the tank down to less then 5%.  Isn't there laws against not disclosing accurate information regarding their policy (for instance charging me $200.00 for removing the tank when it should have been free) to maintain hold of me as a customer.  Isn't there laws for charging me delivery fees of $200.00 to deliver within 24 hours when in fact they knew they would do it anyway for nothing?  Whose pocket is this money going into on the side?

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