Chesapeake, Virginia

this company and the others are charging tank rental fees! We as customers should be charging them storage fees for there tanks being on our property and also charge them an access fee to come onto our land and service the tanks.

They also get away with charging two different rates for pool heat propane and cooking gas propane even if it was delivered at the same time. Its not like its two different grades of gas .

They also charge two fuel recovery fees for a one stop delivery to two different tanks. We the consumer need to take a stand against this type of robbery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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They can afford to buy politicians to approve these fees which they share with government. So talk to your elected officials.


Wow! I guess this guy has his bills paid by government "gasstamps", what a waist of oxygen!


Really? You should charge them rent and an access fee?

Do you charge the electric company to allow them to run wires to your house? How dare this company, they should pay you to let them use their gas. You are an ***!

I got on this site to complain about their tank being left on my property for a month, I won't use this site now because people like you make this site a complete joke. Find something useful to complain about.

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