Madisonville, Tennessee
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We have had nothing but grief from this company. My husband is old school, he does not pay for anything in advance.

So we are pay as you go with Ameriagas. Every time we called, when our tank was at 30%, they would tell us we would get delivered within 24/48 hours. NEVER EVER did that happen. Sometimes up to 3 weeks later.

Last winter my son was sick, we called again at 30% well it ran out, we were forced to go buy space heaters. This past spring we had a little financial set back, we owed them a little amount, my husband was paying on it every month, at least enough to be respectable, well yep you guessed it they turned him into collections. My husband was so upset, he called and tried to talk to them but got frustrated and said I'm done with those rude people, by the time he received the collections letter, or threatening letter he has paid it in full. All over under 1000.

So this week we called for a delivery and they said unless we gave them the money now we could not get a delivery.

I'm happy to say we called Ferrell Gas, nicest customer service ever, and they came out in three days, removed that old tank and put theirs in and was happy to have us a customer. It's so nice to be respected and appreciated as a client with a grateful company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Amerigas Cons: Customer service.

  • utility gas company
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