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I was America's customer for 16 years last may I refilled my tanks and in June decided to cancel my service and switch to electric.didnt use gas. I've been calling once a month and I only got lies about when they are coming to pick up the tanks and refund my money that is over $400.00 ..

anybody knows who to go to in order to get my money back?

It's almost a year of lies. I will never, never , will get or recommend this company not even to my worst enemy.

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Send them a letter giving them 30 days to remove there property or it will be sold. This usually works.

They are known to take up to a year to get there tanks.

List a ad for a abandon tank and send them a copy I’m sure this will get there attention. I retired from after 40 years in the propane businesss and Amerigas is known for this problem.