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I pald for gas on the 25th l call on the 28th ask when will i get my gas? i was told they do not have a date yet.

they have our money sitting in a bank account somewhere getting paid interest. Then when you ask about your gas you have paid for, a person on the other end of the phone gets very nasty with you. They charge you what they want to.

Every time my tank has been filled,they always sent a statement saying you have a credit, a sure way to keep you lock in with them. I smell a rat,where there is smoke,there is fire

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Residential Gas Supply.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Amerigas Cons: Customer service sucks and their liers, High prices and having to call multiple times to get delivery, Total lack of customer service, High prices, Scamming people.

  • Amerigas Price Gouging
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Horrible company, found out they were charging me almost one dollar per gallon more because I wasn't a "big enough" customer. Dealt with them for over 25 years and they refused to speak with me about making this situation right.

Now they want me to pay to pick up their empty tank.

Wish I had loaded it up in my truck and dumped it on their parking lot. Complete unethical company in my opinion.


So true! I worked for them and it was a nightmare. People don’t get their deliveries because they can’t keep help.


hae you had any luck, we are in pennsylvania, had amerigas 25 years over charged us that long. Fed up we now use another company charging half the price of propane


They double bill and claim to have not received payments that I have records for. Then when I told them the property was sold and a new customer would be taking over they billed me for another year of tank rental. When I check with the buyers they had taken over the account I smell a rat


I cancelled my service in June and its November and their tanks are still in my driveway. I was on a budget and they kept increasing my monthly payment.

I would have a credit balance at the end of the season for at least $400 and they would not refund the money to me. they are terrible


I have a tank in my yard that has been here for 30 years. They don’t maintain it or come and get it.

They say it’s not theirs. It they send crap threw the mail wanting to fill the tank that “doesn’t belong to them”.

I want to build a house for years where it sits. What can I do to get rid of this rusted ugly tank


We also know about excessive charges.

Also rude employees, incompetent service which could have resulted in our home being blown up.

Would be interested in a class action suit.

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