Midlothian, Virginia

After a couple of years of living our new home,the propane tank for the fireplace needed more fuel. Called Amerigas they came out a filled the tank.

I recently notice that an Amergas sticker has been placed on the tank. Now they are trying to charge me a tank rental fee. When I requested a copy of the contract, they added a $35 late fee to the invoice. I know there is no contract, they are just trying to steal my property and my money.

In reading the other related reviews I believe a class action lawsuit is in order! Amerigas is out of control and continues to contribute to the demise of family living.

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Amerigas is a gluttonous, greedy, avaricious, conglomerate, which will try to bilk, dun, overcharge, trump up new charges, violate their own contract, just to get more$$$$ MONEY out of their loyal customers!! All customers should call Amerigas, and have their tanks removed, and have their remaining balances (checks) sent back to them immediately!!


i have the same problem:

i bought gas one time two years ago in my name from amerigas...last month i get a bill from them charging me for the gas tank i own...called them about this and was assured it would be taken care of! today i get a new bill and it is now charging me a late fee!!!

i called once again...was assured it would be taken care of!

i want a bill from them showing that i owe nothing tho and they said they couldnt do that...i want this as protection for me when they try to sue me in a few months for non payment of this bogus bill! i will NEVER deal with amerigas for anything again as they feel it is alright to charge people for things never received!


Richmond, you can't possibly have your facts straight. Columbia Gas DOES NOT deal with propane.

They are strictly natural gas. I don't know who fills your tank but I can assure you it is not Columbia.

Also, Amerigas DOES NOT own Columbia Gas. Columbia is a subsidiary of the NiSource Corporation and they are not part of Amerigas in any way, shape, or form.


I have the exact same issue. I bought my house in 1999.

I choose Columbia Gas to fill my propane tank. I never signed any contract, nor is there anything on the tank for any company. Amerigas bought Columbia, and they start sending me a bill for "rental fee". They can provide me no documentation that they own the tank.

They told me I need to provide them with documentation that I own the tank. They keep billing me and have threatened to come get the tank. I made a complaint to Consumer Affairs.

I haven't received any answers. I would join a class action suit to get this predatory company to stop harrassing people with bogus billing.

John N

I ran into this with my late father, but with a propane company in Michigan. All of a sudden, after some 40 years, this company wanted my father to pay yearly rent on his tank.

He had had it for literally, decades and there was no contract, etc. I had to get involved and basically told the company to produce the contract or cease and desist. They are probably going on the fact that it is their tank and either you pay rent or they take it back. Make sure you know who put the tank there, when and who owns it.

In my father's case the company giving him a hassle was about the third company to own the original company and no one had any records back to the late 1950s.

They went away in any event. Good luck to you, but make sure you have all the facts about ownership in hand before you do anything precipitously.

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