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Well good news. My husband threaten lawsuit and they took care of everything.

We made sure we got a letter from them wiping everything clean, just in case they try to send a bill later.

The bill is at $0 and the tank is gone. WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN.

Original review posted by user Jun 11, 2012

We bought a house almost 4yrs ago and we were told that everything on the property is ours. When we asked about the tank they told us that it was ours but only certain companys fill them.

So we called amerigas and went with them. Very bad mistake. We dont use alot of gas for we have a wood stove as our main heat. when we told them we dont need a full tank they almost double the rate for gas and said we had to pay up front, but if we filled up they would give us payment plans and a lower rate.

We agreed because we didnt have $1200.00 cash laying around and we needed it for our gas stove and water heater. Then we got a phone call from them stating we need to call them or we were being turned over for collections. I had no clue what was going on because we had them pd off almost a yr ago. So when i had called them they told me it was a tank rental.

I told them for what tank because the tank is ours. they told me it isnt and i said why didnt you say something before because we would of told you to take your *** and go and why are we now being charged 3yrs later. So what it all comes down to is $150 for tank rental, $195.00 in fees for being late. Then they want $120.00 to remove the tank.

This is bull ***. and if we dont have it removed they will continue sending me bills for the tank rental. When i asked to speak with a manager, i was told someone will call you back. I have called 3 more times and the same thing.

Then today i recieved a call from a collections agency because amerigas turned this over to them. I think it is time for a class action lawsuit against them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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We brought our house over 10 yrs. ago.

Our propane servicer sold to Amerigas not too long ago. We never signed a contract with Amerigas; they came without our request and filled our tank - about 70 gal. as we also have supplemental heat. And, moved their office to Calif.

- and charged us California prices of over $4.00 gal. We complained and they said they'd adjust the bill. Since then, we've never been credited for what we have paid. I called and said we were leaving them; we've talked to another local supplier who said we were charged WAY over what they charged in NC.

When I called Amerigas recently and told them we were leaving them, they then send a paper with their "updated" rules for removing "their" tank.

We didn't contract for them- what we bought on this property was ours - not theirs as they hadn't purchased the company who formerly owned the tank, so if someone starts a class action - let us know We'll be there too. Disgrunted, disgusted and tired of Amerigas ***


I also have had problems with Amerigas taking over from my previous propane supplier. They not only filled the tank without my permission, they wanted to charge a tank rental that was six times what my previous supplier charged.

They "filled" my tank (took 3 gallons only) and now want $40 to remove the tank plus charge me for removal of my gas.

I don't mind paying them to remove my gas but don't think I should be charged a service call to remove the tank. Wondering if Sue had any luck with them refunding the cost of fuel delivered that was not authorized or removal of the tank, which may not even belong to Amerigas.


Okay, sign us up if you get a lawsuit going. We've dealt with this company for 17 years.

Our situation: we bought a house with a FULL 500 gallon tank. Same thing as above, we burn wood, have only a propane clothes-dryer, and run a propane furnace maybe 10 times a year if we are gone from home over night. When we finally needed to order propane (6 years later) we got 100 gallons. The next year, when we didn't order, THAT's when we got nailed with tank rent!

50.00 back then.

They have gouged us over $400 tank rental since then, all based on "non-usage". What absolute ***!

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