I just tried to call the 800 number listed above. I am not doing some *** survey to earn a free vacation. Like it would be free. Plus we pay for our own vacations. Now to he point of wh I was trying to contact you.

Iwe recently bought another home. The home already has a Amerigas tank here. So I called the Aberdeen,Wa amerigas. Maria really needs to work on her customer service skills. She sounds like she thinks she is doing you a favor. Doesn't even really listen to replies to questions.

I call back to talk about just buying a tank. Cause we are not interested in leading from anyone. Guess what by the time I cancelled delivery and was asking about buying a tank. She said she would cancel the delivery. And hung up without giving me any info on prices or anything. I will never try to deal with her again.

Businesses and their employees need to remember, we are the customers. You are doing me no favors. I am willing to pay for what I want. But you are not the only option I have. There for I will do my business else where. I manage three Subway restaurants at once. I taught my employees that without customers they do not get paid. Less sales mean less money ,equals less staff and no raises. Maybe even going out of business.

So I am paying you. I want nice friendly service,not some person who sounds rude or like she is doing me a favor answering the phone. In this case a computer would of been better. And I would never of thought I would say that. Even if Maria really believes she is better that's on her. But she is running off your customers.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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