San Francisco, California

I have been calling the Lakeport office for at least 6 months trying to get a tank removed from my yard. I have been told several times that it is scheduled and will be has not.

Today i was hung up on by the manager of lakeport office. I need the tank out so i can develope that area of my yard. I dont care what it takes to get it out just want it gone.

Amerigas needs to come get there tank out of my yard within the next month. I never wanted the tank never asked for the tank want it ou of my yard

Thank you,

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Hey I charged them storage fee's! SUDDENLY the tank was gone the next business day!!!!

Try it it worked for me! I charged them $10.00 a day! And if you never asked for the tank in the first place, ask them to show proof that you signed ANYTHING! I asked for the paperwork that showed we agreed to a termination fee, and now it has been almost 4 weeks and nothing!!

Not one stitch of paper has been sent to prove what they claim!!

And the girl at the office said she would gladly send it in the mail. They must train their staff on how to be rude, nasty and worse of all immoral!!


Well, all i can say is that my storage rate for their tank is very expensive, and pretty soon they are going to owe me alot more than i owe them , small claims court here we come. cha ching !


On the phone with them now. Horrible customer service.

Too big. Too many people. Just switched to a local provider. Amerigas tank is sitting in yard.

Told them to come get it. If they come great, if not, I have a new target for the range.


yea, AmeriGas sucks. I had it in Virginia and the customer service was aweful, the product was expensive and a major pain in the *** overall.

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