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I have been a loyal customer for 3 years now also payed my bill on time. Got a bill for locking in at $2.89 a gallon price to lock in is $112!

Are you kidding me! I called around and did my homework with other propane companies and most every other company is $50 to lock in and is a least .20 cents cheaper... i know I have the option to leave whenever I want but i feel like the suck you in the first year and gouge you after that..

If they want to keep customers around longer that a year or two they need to be compatible to other companies.. Called Amerigas after being on the phone for more than an hour and with 3 different people the best they could do was take .10 off the lock in price and still charge me $112 to lock in...!

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They said someone would contact me within 3-4 business days and it has been 1 1/2 weeks.. Goes to show they don't care about returning customers and keeping our business...!!


I emailed my info lets see if they really respond....


Hello Adt269, I'm sorry that you are having issues with billing. Please send your account details to or so we can proptly assist you. Thank you, Fran

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