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My previous gas company was aquired by Amerigas. Amerigas is now wanting to charge me rental fee on a 100 pound propane cylinder that I have at my home which I have never had to pay rent on before.

I found another gas company that does not charge rental fees, so I called Amerigas to come get their tank. Now Amerigas wants to charge me 39.99 to do that (pick up the tanks) plus a pump down fee per pound if there is any extra gas left in the tank.

So basically they are charge me for not wanting to do business with them.

Review about: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Saginaw, Michigan, United States #614939

I worked for this company in the past.Just to give you an idea of what I experienced.

The previous employee left and took all the tools.He said they were his,probably were.When I said I needed a kit of screwdrivers,I adust miniture gas jets to # 4 phillips,I was told repeatedly why would you need more than one screwdriver,I can get one at the gas station for a dollar".But the customer was billed by the hour as I tried to do my job with one screwdriver,a pipe and cresent wrench for 2 years.When temps were below 0 no overtime was allowed,no temp workers hired,when many customers ran dry,weekends wer allowed,but no extra hours monday-friday.When my fill hose started leaking(badly) and I refused to continue I was told to tape it.This is after the meter and the customer is paying for my truck leaking.

to Mdb #615170

You should have gone to your HR rep and reported the situation,especially the leaking hose.

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