Hartford, Michigan

Cash customer here. Ordered (and paid in advance) for a fill.

Previous company (bought out by Amerigas) was prompt and even changed their delivery route to get propane to customers. Said 5% was sufficient notice. Call Amerigas, place the order, pay for it, and then told since I was at 5% I could expect that if the driver arrived and there was no pressure in the tank that they would have to do a 'drop test'. Actually informed me that I was responsible for paying this on the spot if needed but could not tell me a day/time when to expect delivery.

Called three days later and was told by different Amerigas operator (in a quite proud voice) that they had up to ten days to deliver, and that their policy is to call at 30% - none of which was mentioned to me. Operator said that their driver would get an email to 'see if he can accomodate a trip to my house on Saturday'. I don't mind being a pre-pay customer, but I do mind two things: 1. They have my money already - what is their motivation to get the product to me?

2. They already know that I am low... I'll *** the bullet on that but they say their deliveries are set up to minimize their cost; but as I see it, I'm the customer.

I've paid. The longer they wait, the higher the chance they can gouge me for a hundred dollars more for a simple test.

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