Midland, Texas

Looking to switch propane suppliers, we contacted the local Amerigas dealer (north Florida). We needed three new tanks, and planned to install a tankless water heater.

An appointment was made--giving wide latitude for salesman who, we were assured, would call between 9 and 12 a.m. Changed our schedule and waited till after 12. No show! Called office .

. . and was assured that the call could be completed sometime this afternoon.

NOT! Just called the Farmers Co-op--what could be worse than the supplier we are leaving and a prospective supplier that did not feel our business warranted courteous treatment.

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We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help.

At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at customerfirstfran@amerigas.com so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located.

Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.


Amerigas bought Level propane not the other way around.


Yes, how dare that salesman not drop everything he was doing to tend exclusively to you. It's not like he has other customers that need attention too.

It's not like he's a human being who may have had a million different issues come up.

You sound like a whining child. One missed appointment and you're crying about it on the internet.


"Sounds like you need to go back to Amerigas & "Kiss-Up" some more!!


:( You think thats bad. Try dealing with a call center.

AmeriGas was bought out by Level Propane 4 yrs ago.

Their moto Screw the small customers to pay for the larger ones. Once they wake up and do business like they did in the past (Which WORKED) they'll gain the trust and respect back from both Employees and Customers

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