Olympia, Washington
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We switched propane companies and did so on the anniversary month. We were on a yearly contract with Amerigas since we purchased our home.

Besides being expensive for propane, Amerigas once destroyed some curbing at my residence one winter. I took the photos they requested and the guy I spoke to said I shopuld thank them for even showing up because it was during a snow storm. REALLY!!! Thank you for doing your job and damaging my landscape?

I finally found a competitive company for propane services and they installed their tank and we have been happy. We called Amerigas and asked them to pick their tank up so we would not be charged for another year of rent. They picked their tank up and are now trying to charge me for picking up their ***. There is NO WAY I am paying for this.

You can add all the late fees you want. Keep killing trees and wasting paper but I AM NOT PAYING YOU PERIOD!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Tank Refill.

Monetary Loss: $164.

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Call our National Customer Care Line is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-GAS-4YOU / 1-800-427-4968


The two fee are most likey from thier computers. They are on a new computer system and it automatically adds thoses fees. Get ahold of your local office and tell them about the fees and they should be able to take them off.


Try calling your local office you will get more done instead of calling the 1800#.


The Worst company ever. You can never reach a human being and try and get service is like trying to win the lottery.

My tank reads 85% and it's stone cold out of gas. Junk , Junk ,Junk


This is the WORST company out there, they are charging me TWO late Fees per month, TWO. I am paid up on my account, so I have no idea why they think they need to charge me Two extra fees a month! WORST COMPANY AROUND.

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