Fremont, Ohio

Try working for this company they treat us like s ,don't care about are family's ,work us around the clock in winter ,and send us home in summer ,when it helps them out .They have junk trucks,and equipment.

If you live around Fremont Ohio look at going some were else soon before they still you blind,go to becks ,sunrise or any company that will treat you right because this company wont a and 1 more thing they like to fire people for no reason at all and make the other drivers work longer hrs to make up for it a very unsafe company

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Seems like you're just a bitter person. You may not know all factors for someone being fired either, and that is with ANY company. Grow up.


huh thats funny.....i have worked at 3 different propane companies and Amerigas has been the best out of the 3. They have worked around my schedule when my grandfather was sick, when my children were sick and during my divorce.

They always had put the safety of their customers and employees first.

The one thing i learned is they did NOT fire anyone for no reason. it takes A LOT of mistakes on the employees part or a SERIOUS safety violation to be fired.


I will second that sounds like a employee wanting something for nothing want a check don't want to work for it join airborne you see it all the time.very hard to get fired. Safety violations will do it

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