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Every month for 2yrs we had to call because of being overcharged. We always paid the amount due but continually complained and requested service checks and reasoning for the high bills.

Then we finally received relief when someone actually took the initiative to look into the billing issues and received 3 months without having to pay a bill but still not close to what we overpaid. We were just happy that it was going to be over, FINALLY. WRONG, Happy Thanksgiving, we are going to see if you notice we increased your bill again. Excuse after excuse but this time I refused to pay the overcharged bills and only paid the max as to what we should be charged.

We are 2 people that live in the home and we have a hot water heater that is gas and a gas stove. NEVER, EVER use the gas stove because we cook our food in a crockpot, on an outdoor grill, on an electric griddle or our Foreman grill. We live in Florida, so we never want to turn on the stove and make it hot in the house. We have tried so many times calling them since they never respond to our letters and we can’t get any higher that an Admin Manager.

Looking for a way to contact anyone in a corporate position to look into these problems because we aren’t the only one in the neighborhood complaining about this issue.

We are now looking to remove the gas water heater and stove because I don’t work for Amerigas and I shouldn’t have to be thinking about them 24hrs a day. Too much time of my life given to this company because they can’t do their job.

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