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They are the highest price and terrible customer service I tried to let them compete with other company’s. They said we don’t match price We are the top gas company I went with a new company and called them to pick up their tank.

Which 2 months ago was 45.00. Now 60.00 When I told her I was leaving I wanted Ed to say why but she cut me off and pretty much said whatever it is what it is. That’s on you. I asked do you not want to know or have better customer service , you might keep people.

She said “ it’s whatever, do you want to quit or not”.

YES I do Let’s hope new company is great. So far very nice people

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Customer Care.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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They are only “#1” because they buy out every competitor they can. They don’t care about customer service because trying to switch to another company is a pain in the neck and a costly one at that.

To anyone considering buying a home with propane or having it installed to replace or supplement an existing make sure 1) YOU own the tank and have paperwork to prove it and 2) buy from anyone but Amerigas! I worked at Amerigas for about 7 months and saw 7 people quit during that period. It is nothing but a revolving door and that contributes to their awful reputation.

I was given NO training on gas appliances or furnaces but at the same time was expected to relight or repair them. If you could see the inner working of the company and the equipment they use you would swear it was some type of Hollywood screwball comedy come to life.


I want to know how they are the TOP gas Co when they are the WORST at EVERYTHING???>??? I left 20 messages for a manager or ANYONE to call me back & they NEVER did!

I kept calling till I got someone.

I even left messages with a Live person & NO call back! They are the WORST!

@starla ellwood

*** me off when a business doesn't return a call. I live in northeast Pa ., and I run into this situation regularly.

Get a " corporate " phone number. No excuse for a vital service. Too bad that if YOU didn't answer the phone , you don't have to pay the bill. The only companies I hear of with such a bad reputation are crooked.

You'd think by word of mouth, and now the internet, they'd be more careful.

Maybe they're government run ! LOL