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Update by user Jul 20, 2018

I received my requested refund... no apologies, no questions asked.

Update by user Jul 20, 2018

Wonders never cease! I didn't get any apology or get asked any questions but I did get the refund I requested from Amerigas! Thank you Pissed Consumer!

Original review posted by user Jun 20, 2018

In April 2017, we purchased a mobile home in North Port FL which had an Amerigas propane tank which provided fuel for the furnace to heat the place.

December 2017 - We called Amerigas in Port Charlotte, FL requesting a fuel delivery. Since we were not established as a customer, we could not get a delivery. Even tho the previous owner had a new tank installed January 2017 (possibly December 2016), we were told it had to be inspected in order for us to become customers. We waited 10 days to get an appointment. (Frustration #1) Since it was cold, we had to purchase an electric heater to keep our visiting family warm.

December 21– Inspector (very nice young man) shows up and spends less than ½ hour inspecting the tank. After he leaves, we physically drive to the Port Charlotte office with needed paperwork to get ourselves established as customers. Now we wait and wait for a fuel delivery.

January ?, 2018 - We receive a bill dated December 25 for $186.25 for the inspection. We were billed $118 for 1 hour service and he was here less than ½ hour so we call and argue the point. They are going to adjust the bill and credit us $62.59. I won’t go into details on how many days and phones calls it took to finally straighten this out! (Frustration #2)

January 3, – Late Wednesday pm, delivery man (again, very nice man) finally shows up. YAY! He fills the tank to about 20% (7.2 gal) and runs out of fuel as we are the last stop that day. “I’ll be back first thing in the morning” he says. Come Friday afternoon, there is no return truck so we call. Of course, it’s Friday afternoon and it’s too late and they don’t deliver over the weekend so we have to wait until Monday. (Frustration #3) It’s cold, the furnace is being used so the tanks empties and the pilot light goes out (which, by the way, we could not get lit in the first place and had to pay $40 to have Mollins Gas Service come out)

January 8 - - Here come the rest of our delivery (again, very nice man) to fill the tank.

January ? – We receive a bill dated January 9. We have a $6.99 will-call conv fee. WHAT! They charge us for the continued delivery. (Frustration #4). We call and they do credit us.

March 22 – Another cold spell is predicted and the gas tank is low so I go on-line to order a delivery (we were told it was easier to do it this way)

April 2 - 11 days later (we have to wait almost 2 weeks for fuel?!!) The truck FINALLY shows up and what happens? A new driver (yet again, very nice guy) tells us he can’t fill the tank because it is illegal. WHAT? It’s only a little over a year old, installed and inspected by Amerigas and it’s illegal? He says it’s too close to a wall air conditioning unit in the house (it needs to be at least 10 foot away). The driver tags it, puts a lock on it and leaves (Frustration #5). We immediately call Amerigas. An appointment gets set up for Brad to come to meet with us on Thursday, April 12 for “sometime between 9:30 and 10:30” (again, 10 days for an appointment??!! Frustration #6)

April 12 – Come 11:00, no Brad, no phone call, nothing from Amerigas (Frustration #7…we made this appointment at their convenience and we change our plans to be sure we are home). We call. The girl in the office says he’s busy, has meetings, yada yada yada. She doesn’t know anything about Brad’s appointment and will give him the message. At 1:00, we call back again. Same thing (Frustration #8). 1:15 she calls and says “he’s on his way”. He showed up at 1:30. I looked at my watch and sarcastically said “1:30…. Yep… you’re right on time for our 9:30/10:00 meeting”. We think he knows we are not happy campers. He looks at the location of the tank and confirms it needs to be moved to at least 10 feet from the air conditioner. He cannot give us an explanation on how Amerigas could put it where it is in the first place or how it passed inspection! The only place we can move it is to the north side of the house. He says we need a permit from the County which takes 2-3 weeks to get. When we say we need to get back north but want to be here when it’s moved, he said he would try to expedite the permit request. We told him we also need a permit from our park and we would apply for one

April 18 – We call Brad and tell him we got our permit but it’s not for the exact spot we had chosen. Our park will not let us put it on the north side so we compromise on the northeast corner. We ask how critical it is for the county permit if we move a foot or so. Brad tells us he just filed for the permit. Seriously? It took him over a week to apply … this is expediting the request? (Frustration #8)

May 9 – Here we are, another 3 weeks has gone by and absolutely NOTHING from Brad or Amerigas. We are beyond frustration. Shall we tell you our true feelings?

May 17 – 12 more days with no word

May 18 – We called Amerigas late this afternoon and spoke with “Trish”. We told her to “come get your gas tank out of here and remove our name as your customer”. She said she “would expedite the request and get it out within a couple weeks”. If that tank is here upon my return November 1… watch out!

May 30 - Sent a letter with above info to Corporate Office asking for a prompt response.

June 20 - Have heard absolutely NOTHING from Amerigas

When you call and get the phone recording “Customer Service and Safety is our Priority”, we sure would like their definition of “Customer Service”!


Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $164.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

  • Terrible Customer Service
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