Ordered service last week Amerigas told me someone would be here to fill my tank by Wednesday the latest, they didn't know what time what day for sure, I have honestly NO IDEA what they do know....waited around 3days and do you think they came by today? NO!

I even talked to someone in the office 3 times today & they just kept giving me the run around.....tomorrow is thanksgiving and here are me & my kids without Hot water, a stove to cook on or a heater.

A few months back my propane was leaking I could smell it throughout my house & even outside, they sent someone over to check for a leak 3 different times and EVERYTIME they told me there was no leak when there clearly was, so I called someone that works on ac/heaters and they found a leak right away fixed it &when Amerigas came to fill the tank, THERE TANK WAS LEAKING- literally spraying out the gas! So then they took forever to come check that out and eventually put in a new tank.....

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