If you are reading this you already know that Amerigas is terrible. Please write your congressman or contact your rep.

They need to be regulated. For a company to be this bad their management just doesn't care. Give them a call you will quickly find out how much they value their customers.

Be prepared to be on the phone for 30-45 minutes and make sure to wear your high boots cause the BS will be flying. How do you know when a Amerigas employee is lying to you...........(fill in the blank)....You can actually hear their voice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help.

At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at customerfirstfran@amerigas.com so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located.

Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.



"it's your own fault for not locking it in at a super cheap rate over the summer"

And what do you call super cheap? The quoted summer lock-in rates have been consistently 40-50 cents higher than their competition - this has been going on for a few years now. In fact, the last time I locked in, the gas prices dropped in the fall and I ended up paying nearly a dollar more per gallon than I would have had I not locked in the rate. Think I got a discount then?

"Don't compare other company's first fill rates to the existing customer rate"

I wasn't. I've confirmed with other people (propane users) in the area about the rates. Anyone who lives in this area will tell you the same thing I'm telling you.

"Don't be retarded."

Why are we suddenly discussing engine ignition timing since I know you aren't trying to belittle anyone - at least that's what I thought you said.

"So those other companies that are a lot cheaper, will they send an emergency tech out to your house at 3am if you're smelling gas? Is there someone there to answer the phone and talk about your bill at 10PM on a sunday?"

Don't know. But come to think of it, the few times I've tried to get Amerigas to come do anything... ANYTHING... they didn't come through, so I don't even see your point.

Besides - if I smell a leak at 3 in the morning, I'm not going to call anyone before I "twist that little turny thing on the tanky thing in the yard" to shut off the gas... that retarded enough for you UseYourBrain?

The folks who 'control' this country has gotten completely ridiculous. We've now developed an entire society of people who are supposed to have zero common sense. We trust anybody with a 4000 lb, 100+ MPH machine but they aren't supposed to be smart enough to know how to shut off a valve if they smell a gas leak, or yank an electric meter if there is an electrical problem in the house.


Great responses! Really helpful guys! You all must work for A.G. because that's the same type of reactions I've gotten from them lately.

The obvious point was that I can refill a tank for my grill at the local choke and puke for less (per gallon of course) than I can buy 200 gallons for home from AG

And as far as any of them coming to help if the tank is empty or leaking... that's just funny right there... Last leak I had was several years ago when they first trenched the line to the house. Ended up fixing that myself after a month waiting for them to show up.

Actually I ended up getting a better price than the 2.29... my final price was 1.756.

It's really bad when the other company apologizes for the Amerigas antics.

Seems all the neighbors are switching as well. Saw an A.G. truck carrying another tank out of the neighborhood yesterday PM...

Keep up the ridicule, I'm sure it's helping your cause.


Call your congressman (Maybe Obama can make a decision on this issue, just like he is fixing health care) That is exactly what we need is more government control. I had a chance to lock my price in I was suprised it didn't get over 2.35 per gallon. I bet those service stations that 14 Carrotts is talking about has a locked in rate also.


Hey 14 Carrots call that service station in the middle of the night and see if they come fill your tank after they or you run yourself out of gas.


You'll notice that the only people getting belittled around here are the complete idiots. If you're on here complaining about your price per gallon, it's your own fault for not locking it in at a super cheap rate over the summer.

Don't compare other company's first fill rates to the existing customer rate at AmeriGas. It's apples and oranges. Call AmeriGas to open a new account after you've been with your new provider for a while, and I guarantee they'll beat your new company's price. Every company in every field of business is going to offer a cheaper rate to new customers to lure them away from competitors. Don't be retarded.

So those other companies that are a lot cheaper, will they send an emergency tech out to your house at 3am if you're smelling gas? Is there someone there to answer the phone and talk about your bill at 10PM on a sunday? Do they have the purchasing power and transportation network to keep propane in your tanks when the refineries have shortages? Not surprisingly, the answer is NO. Don't act like the price that you're being asked to pay doesn't cover services that no other company can even offer, let alone provide.


I agree with "Just Helping"... politicians won't do anything.

I just dropped Amerigas after dealing with them for 6 years. They have consistently been between 60 cents to over a dollar more than the other local companies.

This month was the last straw. We called to order gas and they quoted me $3.10... and I can buy propane at a local gas station for $2.89. Called another propane company and they quoted me $2.29.

Guess who got my business now.

If Amerigas buys all of them out, I'll switch to all electric/wood.

As far as the other poster(s - I bet it's just one ***) here who seem to get a kick out of trying to belittle folks, nobody but you cares what you think.


So how exactly did you receive a delivery if your tank was already at 80%? The tanks are never filled beyond 80%, so did he pump it into the empty space in your skull, perhaps?

Also, your price per gallon is over $3 per gallon because you're retarded and didn't lock your price in. It sounds like the company tried to be nice and work with you by reducing the price per gallon, but instead of being grateful you're viewing it as some sort of attempt to ***. Charging you the market rate for gas when YOU chose not to lock your price in is not screwing you, that's how it works. And the market rate, just like with gasoline, changes from day to day depending on the trading price of commodities, supply and demand, etc.

You were quoted a price that is subject to change, waited a few days, and then it changed. REALLY ***KING SHOCKING ISN'T IT? The stupidity of some of this company's customers is staggering.

Don't go on the internet and talk trash about a company when the problems were created by YOU. Take responsibility for your own laziness and lack of intelligence.


Gundalf, you are absolutely correct. We are in Wake County and Amerigas has tried many times to screw us but never succeeded.

We received a delivery which we had not ordered (since we already had 80% in our tank and didn't need anymore)and we were charged $3.10 a gallon. I refused to pay it and the bill was reduced to $1.89 after many calls and complaints. We thought we were passed all the issues when we ordered another delivery this month, we were told it would be $3.04 a gallon and three days later when the delivery was made we were charged $3.69 a gallon. Needless to say I will not be paying more then the quoted price.

Amerigas is the worst company I have ever dealt with.

Going to War, you are just an ***.


you want to blame the ladies that answer the phones but it is corporate that is controlling the prices.


The only thing you're going to war on is your mom's filthy ***. Got any more lies you'd like to copy/paste around here?


Same happened to us at 30%... Called 3X before getting an answer, which was a recording...

Left a message but got no answer... Called again about a week later and was told that they'd get a delivery out to me, Which showed up about 10 days later... My big complaint is that it was supposed to be competitively priced... NOT!!!

Local prices in Preston County are $2.39 per gal.

and I got charged $3.70... We are going to war...


MarkB, if you ordered fuel at 30% like you're supposed to, you wouldn't have run out. Like an irresponsible dipshit you let your tank run out, then whined and flailed around like a baby because the company didn't put you ahead of thousands of other customers also in need of a delivery.

Those people called at 30% and didn't run out.

You're a mental midget who can't seem to follow instructions. Have some personal responsibility for your own ***king heating situation and pay attention next time.


The point is there is no competion. They own my propain tank and they are the only ones that can fill it.

THey made me wait over 10 days to fill my take when it was out of gas. Their customer support is a bad joke and their management is worst.


Being the largest by aquisition alone not by any effort on there part.When you buy a local business and close down the local office.Your customer base has now lost touch with what they had a face with whom they can relate a problem or concern. The main office are a bunch of mushrooms,trust me they have not clue concerning reality.They do not give a *** about there employee base either.For stock holders and customers alike I would abandon these jamokes quickly they have a blatant disreguard for federal safety codes,they are a disaster in the wait.

I see this daily everywhere.NO logic in pricing your nieghbor is probably paying a dollar less than you.

If you decide to remain a customer,find a comfortable to bend over because you will be eventually. God bless.You have been forewarned.......


I hear Amerigas "the largest propane company" is going to buy out Ferrill gas "the second largest company" How can we expect the price of propane will be then ? Amerigas will be America's only propane company next.


Government is not the Answer!

COMPETITION will deal with Amerigas.

Support your local propane provider and let the lack of customers take care of Amerigas.

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